Gas Services

We carry out gas services for a range of businesses throughout the Gas industry. We are an Industrial Affiliate of the Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers and our Owner and Managing Director has a long proud history of experience within the Gas industry. We are well placed to offer our clients a range of services [including gas meter exchanges, installations, and compliance inspections.]

New Gas Meter Installations

 We can provide U6 or G6 or E6 gas meter installations to existing gas supplies.

Domestic Meter Exchanges

We can provide U6 or G6 or E6 gas meter exchanges to existing gas supplies.

Multi-Occupancy Buildings

Using industry-standard IGE/G5, and the gas transporters own designs, we can inspect gas networks within multi-occupancy buildings, providing reports on their compliance.

I&C Post Installation Meter Inspections

We can provide Post Meter compliance inspections, based on IGE/GM8 and the Meter Operators own procedures