Following competition in utility connections developers/builders and architects have started to choose from a range of utility infrastructure providers (UIP’s) to design and deliver utilities to their new or refurbished developments. A significant number of companies now exist to provide tailored services coordination, individually (Gas, Power, Water) or as a multi-utility packages. These services are confusing and complex, which means that many companies within the construction sector choose to continue using the incumbent utility companies/networks. Unfortunately, these companies are often more expensive and offer a reduced level of service which is extremely frustrating for you the client.

Here at Utiligrid Limited, using our many years of experience within the utility connections market, we are able to provide the bridge between you and the utility provider. This results in a positive outcome in terms of service and cost.



  • We complete the application process*
  • We are independent which means we can find you the best deal**
  • We provide all the quotation returns so you can compare apples with apples.
  • We can advise on service if requested***
  • We can manage the onsite activity on your behalf****


  • Gas – Service Alterations/ mains diversions/ new connections
  • Electricity – Service Alterations/ mains diversions/ new connections/temp site supplies
  • Water –  Service Alterations/ mains diversions/ new connections/temp site supplies
  • Telecoms – Service Alterations/ mains diversions/ new connections/temp site supplies
  • Street lighting – design and installation
* The application process requires plans/property types/ground surveys    ** The best deal isn’t always the cheapest    *** The service level provided by the UIP’s is often subjective.    **** Often this is carried out by the site manager.

Contact us to discuss your project ideas or just say hello. Whether you’ve got big plans or just need some inspiration for a project, we are here to help. From concept to completion, let Utiligrid work with you.